New Class Mural is a grassroots project directed and founded by Sya Warfield based in San Francisco, California. We believe creativity will change the world. Our goal is to build confidence and leadership skills to underserved youth by teaching photography and art. We are privately funded and your contributions are welcome - please click the link below. 

During the month of June, we spent 3 weeks on the Navajo Nation in Shonto, Arizona.

We look to become a home to diverse youth communities around the world by focusing on education and the arts. Our mission is to gracefully transform the world into a more peaceful and beautiful place.

During our workshops, we give each child a camera and discuss ways to capture an image by observing their environment, framing their subject and using light.  With photographs taken during this time, we create a mural on the wall of their school. We support a social movement to cultivate empathy and inspire youth. 

Are you an organization or artist looking to get involved? We would love to hear from you. Email inquiries to

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