New Class Mural is a public art project. Our goal is to build confidence as well as leadership skills by exploring creativity. 

This opportunity involves collaboration, design and execution of a project from start to finish. We create and support a social movement to cultivate empathy. Our program explores curiosity and emotional intelligence; moving straight to the heart.

Spring 2019, we partnered with Kids Ocean Day to produce a mural at Will Rogers Elementary School in Los Angeles, California. This organization is a project of The Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education, a Los Angeles based 501(c)3 that specializes in school outreach and coastal quality issues.

Summer 2017, we spent 3 weeks on the Navajo Nation in Shonto, Arizona working with the children at Shonto Preparatory School. We produced 2 murals on the Navajo Nation spelling out the words LOVE and BELIEVE chosen by the children attending the program. These murals are made of the photographs the children took during the workshop. Our theme was patterns in nature. 

We produced 5 murals throughout 2017. These murals are located in San Francisco, CA, Shonto, AZ and Boulder, CO. To view work created by New Class Mural check out our instagram.

During our workshops, we use cameras and discuss ways to capture an image by observing their environment, framing their subject and using light.  With photographs taken during this time, we create a mural on the wall of their school.

Are you interested in having a mural on your wall? We would love to hear from you. Email inquiries to

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