Hi, I'm Sya Warfield, a multi-disciplinary creative based in California. I have a passion for storytelling and narratives. For me, collaboration is most important. Every project is fully supported by the team brought together by it. 

I am inspired by movement and travel. Early on, a whirlwind of travel transported me from coast to coast, traveling to nearly all 50 states in the US while living in my baby blue VW bus purchased in Southern Utah. This highly mobile life created an eagerness to grow as an artist and see the world.

Late 2016, I launched New Class Mural a public art program. We teach underserved youth photography and then build murals with their photos. We produced 5 murals throughout 2017. These murals are located in San Francisco, Shonto, Arizona and Boulder, Colorado. More about this project can be seen on instagram.

In 2014, Hatim Belyamani and I documented travels on a road trip; 9 states in 9 days titled ‘Cross Country Impressions’. This film, edited by Hatim, combines the beauty of nature with a live improvised soundtrack, recorded in Brooklyn, NY by Tyler WoodDerek NievergeltKarlie Bruce, Eliot Krimsky and Hatim Belyamani. This film was shown at The Earth Day Film Festival in San Francisco, California on April 18, 2015 and can be seen here.

In 2013, I joined a team of audio and video producers in a non profit called Remix Culture. From February – March 2016, we were on location recording a band in Arcoverde, Brazil called Coco Trupé.

From 2009-present, I have extensively traveled the world with my camera. Favorite destinations include Iceland, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, Maui, Guatemala, Cuba, Utah, Montana and Peru.