I am a photographer + videographer based in Los Angeles, California. Throughout my life, I’ve studied various forms of theater, dance and martial arts. This has greatly impacted how I see the world. I received my BA from SUNY Fredonia where I studied photography and sociology. I draw inspiration from travel, music, film, street art, and most importantly the creative team I’m working with. My creative process is organic and I’m strongly impacted by the idea of not controlling the outcome. I am curious and experimental.

From 2018-2019, I produced events at MBS Media Campus, a film and movie studio located in Manhattan Beach, CA. In 2007, I founded Urban Oasis, located in the Mission District of San Francisco, California currently expanding services to Los Angeles.

My body of art work ranges from performance with Bad Unkl Sista (2009-2016) to collaborating with Remix Culture as a photographer and video artist (2013-2016), to founding New Class Mural; a public art project teaching photography and building large-scale murals (2016-current).  In 2014, Hatim Belyamani and I filmed our travels on a road trip; 9 states in 9 days titled ‘Cross Country Impressions’. This film, edited by Hatim, combines the beauty of nature with a live improvised soundtrack, recorded in Brooklyn, NY by Tyler WoodDerek NievergeltKarlie Bruce, Eliot Krimsky and Hatim Belyamani. This film was shown at The Earth Day Film Festival in San Francisco, California on April 18, 2015 and can be seen here. I worked with Mark Reinfeld and Jennifer Murray to produce photographs for their recipes published in a cookbook called, Taste of the East. This book was published in 2010.